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New Cyber Attack? – 15 Tips to Protect Your Data From Hackers !

Nowadays, Data is a more important thing than Any Other. From a Country’s most Secured Information to a normal person’s bank account details, Everything is Under Digital platform. So Data security is a very important thing. No one can promise Data Security Nowadays, but Losing your Data means losing everything. Revealing a small key related to yourself is a big pay to Hackers. No one can Guarantee data Security these days.

15 Tips to “SECURE YOUR DATA.”

1. ‘Avoid Clicking Links In Your Mail or any Other place’ :
2. ‘Protect Your Devices by Encrypting it.’
3. ‘Install or Update Antivirus Softwares’
4. ‘Use Different Wi-Fiwi-fi Networks’
5. ‘Change your Passwords Frequently’
6. “BACKUP your Data”
7. ‘Don’t access your private data by using a public Wi-Fiwi-fi.’
8. ‘Chose secure Apps or Softwares’
9. ‘Don’t Buy unsecured devices’
10. ‘Set-up unique usernames and passwords for Wi-Fiwi-fi Router and create Firewalls’
11. ‘Use Upto date Softwares or Firmwares’
12. ‘Check out your data sharing settings and beware of Third-party networks’
13. ‘Choose Over Direct Updating of software from websites Rather than Updating through e-mail links.’
14. ‘Turn-off Location or anything that you Don’t Need.’
15. ‘Prefer to Surf Over Secure websites while Browsing the Internet