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New Airpods of Apple are being compared with Pokemon

Apple has announced and will be launching its new AirPods Pro on October 30th. Apple came up with the AirPods years ago, but these new AirPods have design changes.

The new design has significant updates. They have active noise cancellation, which is a dream come true for the commuters.

The Apple earbuds have a unique shape to accommodate their ‘customizable fit’ in-ear design with three sizes of silicon tips.

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The new design and shape of AirPods Pro have the netizens trolling it. The new AirPods resemble Bellsprout, a Pokémon. Bellsprout is one of the authentic Pokémon. This grass-type Pokemon was launched in Generation one with all its evolutions.

The internet even photoshopped the new AirPods with Bellsprout, and they are not wrong. They do look alike. This is not where the internet stopped trolling the AirPods. AirPods was also trolled to resemble many other characters and objects.

AirPods Pro is compared with a hairdryer, Pingu, seahorses, some object in Mario saying that Mario did it first, peashooter in Plants vs Zombies, Charlie Brown’s best friend, Snoopy the Dog, Birdo from Super Mario Bros 2, Q’Bert from Wreck-It Ralph, shower-head speakers in Teletubbies, Snowths from the Muppets Show, Buzz Light year’s laser gun and whatnot.

It is not the first time that Apple product has been in the radar of the netizens. Over time, iPhones have been trolled to have been too expensive that people have to sell their kidneys.
Not to mention, the trolling of the iPhone 11. The three-camera iPhone was compared to coconut, photoshopped to look like an induction stove, bowling ball, fidget spinners, Philips trimmer, and so many more.

Even Samsung did not leave the chance to roast the iPhone 11. Samsung came up with an advertisement where they trolled iPhones for not having a live focus in a video recording, which was available in Note 10+.

Apple has come out with nothing but good camera phones with no ‘revolutionary’ changes in their features. Now the iPhones to be launched in 2020 and later will be having many new features. Samsung is giving Apple some serious competition.