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Netflix Supernatural Thriller “Rattlesnake” Review

The director-writer, Zak Hilditch, reveals himself to be a mood conjurer. He announces that he is quite patient while making a horror movie. He is one filmmaker who gave more priority to the scary atmosphere that random cheap jumps. This movie is inspired by Netflix’s original, which was under the direction of Stephen King. The movie looks bleak with no content and no discernible purpose, as well. The film was totally made to fill up digital space.

The Film

Carmen Ejogo and Apollonia Pratt in Rattlesnake. Image: Netflix

Carmen Ejogo plays the mother’s role. The name of her character is Katrina. She is a total knock-off as she drives her daughter across the country for a fresh start. She listens to an embarrassingly boring podcast of Tony Robbins while driving.

The podcast is all about dealing with difficult situations, and while all of this is happening, she suddenly gets a flat tire. While she is busy replacing the daughter a rattlesnake bit her daughter, she freaks out and in a hurry, rushes to a nearby woman to ask for help. The mysterious women surprisingly decide to help her. The price, however, does not come easy, and the lady demands “a soul for a soul.”

Hilditch was of the notion that this movie will be a pulse racer, but on the contrary, it was just snoozing. The film has plots of some clammy tension, and also the desperate attempts to create subplots are quite visible. The film strips down a mother’s desperation to protect her child, and Hilditch made Katrina do some really horrible things.

Carmen is supremely talented, and she has given some really strong movies before. But in this movie, her character is completely lost. It neither has personality nor specificity. Hilditch is practically a bad director as he decides to shoot a mystery thriller in broad daylight. His direction is supremely bland, as well.

Rattlesnake, as we sum up, is an extremely boring film. It lacks interest and drives, and it seems like the director has been hiding his potential. It is an utter loss both in terms of investment and production and also in terms of watch occupancy.