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Movie Review: Oscar-winning acting by Cynthia Erivo for her role in the movie “Harriet.”

Cynthia Erivo

Everyone loves an iconic role of a start in a biopic. Brilliant roles played by Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln, Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. In Hollywood, people just remember and adore these types of roles. Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher etc. a majority of viewers love the roles as they come out as badass, and people get to know more about their history. The brilliant acting that Cynthia Erivo has done in the movie “Harriet” is one of the best pieces of acting so far. Her performance in the movie is so exceptional that it is in line for winning an Oscar.

About the Movie

Cynthia Erivo in ‘Harriet’ movie

In this movie, she is playing the role of a woman that was pushed unto slavery. She escapes from her slavery bound from the city of Maryland. But, only to risk her life on the line for more than one occasion. In the movie, she is risking herself to free her fellow slaves from the rules of their masters. Cynthia has done a brilliant job in the movie and has done full justice to the character.

The way she is acting on-screen and her throw of each and every dialogue are just mesmerizing. The look on her eyes and the pure fear can give chills to the viewers. But, it is a shame that the movie is not up to the mark as the fans were hoping it to be. The director of the movie is Kasi Lemmon. His movies are not the type of movies to break the conventional Biopic movies form the past.

In the movie, she is playing a character called Minty. She is a slave for a very rich family and works as a maid in their house. But she gets a chance to leave the place and run away from everything. She finally gains all the courage and confidence to run away from her masters. But in the process of running away, she needs to left her husband behind. After that, she met William Still, who runs the Underground Railroad. After some time, she decides her new name as “Harriet.”