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‘Monster Mash’ Still Slaps Remember That This Halloween

This Halloween novelty song did not fade away in blips like all others with catchy lyrics and dorky music. ‘Monster Mash’ is a graveyard smash that makes the living world grind like creeps of nightmares. This song originally makes its release in 1962 and immediately became the chart-toppers. This song takes inspiration from the very three things which made the Americans lose their minds at that time. It includes the potato dance, monster movies, and of course, some crazy songs that encouraged people to do crazy things. Several years later, when both music and movies have seen massive evolutions, Pickett’s song is still the best. It is our staple Halloween song, which brings joy to us instead of perennial pain.

Why ‘Monster Mash’ slaps?

To talk about musical orientation, ‘Monster Mash’ borrows its style from the R&B and pop culture. It is a novelty song that has got everything from punk to groove to emulating musical styles. The song is simple, and it came into existence during the time in which music was confined within certain limits. The lyrics of this song bring out the true pop simplicity of the 1960s. The song will still be as good as ever, Even if you remove the lyrics.

This song is a Halloween song, and it is made especially for Halloween lovers. The song is about a mad scientist who is at his laboratory when his monster arises. The spooky impersonation of how the monster arises from its grave to how it moves about is really freaky. This song is known to incite dance craze. After the rise of the monster, all sorts of creepy creatures come through. This song is definitely delightful for all Halloween lovers.

This song is a clean, good, and Halloween appropriate song. It might be a little corny, but that is exactly what makes it beautiful. You can sing and dance to this song knowing that no one is spilling their drinks, and you can also bring back your spooky imagination to this song. This song ‘slaps’ and will always slap till the day we die. This is inevitable.