Model precious Lee releases hot Lingerie chain for brand Alexis Smith

Precious Lee is a very famous model that has a huge fan base. She has a lot of followers and is loved by people all over the world. The Luxury lingerie company that is very famous for producing sexy innerwear. They produce high-end lacy, stylish, and comfortable clothing for women.

 Precious Lee poses in the new Fleur du Mal x Precious Lee lingerie collection.
Fleur du Mal x Precious LeeClaire Rothstein for Fleur du Mal

For the first time, the company launches its new chain of lingerie for the plus-sized woman. The new collection was launched this week with Precious Lee posing for the company. The plus-size model is really happy for posing for this new collection. She thinks that it is a very brilliant idea for the company to launch the plus size lingerie chain.

About the launch

Lee says that good lingerie makes her feel confident and excited. She says that she feels powerful, and after wearing comfortable lingerie, she feels that nothing can stop her from doing what she wants to do. Lee was the first model to pose for the cover of a sports magazine and also the annual swimsuit issue. She was making headlines in 2017 with her stunning prose and pictures for various magazines.

She was also staring as a model in a Lane Bryant advertisement that was said to be too classy. Lee also says that she wants women with big boobs to feel comfortable like her. She says that she doesn’t want anyone to compromise on their comfort just because they have big boobs. Jennifer Zuccarini is the creative director and founder of Fleur du Mal Company.

The founder says that it was the most natural and obvious step of the company to provide services to the thick and sexy women out there. According to many reports, Jennifer also says that Lee clearly projects the views of the company by being very confident and embracing her femininity and sexuality. The company launches a four-price collection.

The collection includes a silk trench ($995), lace bra ($168), high-waist thong ($138), and a garter belt ($138). This collection is really good news for all the curvy and beautiful women out there. They can now also enjoy comfortable lingerie at an affordable price.