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Miley’s Lifestyle Diaries With Track List Leak To Instagram Struggles And More!

Miley Cyrus is probably the hottest pop star in town. She has grown up so much from the “Hannah Montana” star to being a famous pop singer. According to PopCrush, we here bring you some hottest and latest gossips about the life of Miley Cyrus. Follow this to know about what is airing about Miley Cyrus and many more updates all across the country.

The Relatable Struggles Of Instagram

Instagram is fun, but it can also be frustrating over time. It is a good way to stay connected to the world and share your daily stories. But it is also like that relationship which makes you crazy and insane, but you still crave for more. All those who have been a part of this Instagram world are quite aware of its struggles too. Being popular on Instagram is quite a thing lately. We all have our own struggles of life, but Insta struggles can be quite identical. For example, we have all been through times when we are unable to open a link provided on the caption or have tried to stalk our ex from a fake account or even have accidentally liked a photo of someone whom we knew in the recent past. These struggles are far too common and far too real.

Miley’s Awkward Moment

The celebrities also have their own awkward Instagram struggles. Sometimes so awkward that they accidentally happen to leak their own song album. Miley Cyrus has also been through this moment. Her latest Instagram live was a hot mess. This was for several reasons. She downsided Liam Hemsworth and also showed sheer disrespect to the community of LGBTQ. But more than this, she leaked her very own album and not just one or two songs but the entire tracklist.

Blue Buckets For Autism Awareness During Halloween

Halloween is a great time. It is fun and goofy at the same time. But the initiative towards autism awareness during this time tops it all. Halloween being just around the corner makes it really frustrating for parents whose kids are autistic. They miss out on all the fun. For this reason, a Hawaiian mom encouraged kids to use blue buckets during Halloween in order to indicate the homeowners that they are autistic and can face difficulty while asking for candies.