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Miley Cyrus’s new expose: Nips in RACY New Pics

New pictures on Miley’s install went viral. In these pics, Miley is wearing a midriff top, exposing her nipples, and the internet is going crazy over her boldness. Miley’s has been in the news for her bold moves, performances, music, and her photographs.

She has recently broken up with Liam Hemsworth, and people are not over it. Miley has uploaded this photo and showed us that she is doing great and is not afraid to let loose.
Miley is giving selfie goals with her mirror selfie and self-timed candids. This is the spot in Free the Nipple campaign. Ladies all across the world want to let loose and not worry.

They want to go braless and, as said before, Free the Nipple. Many other celebrities have been in support of it and are encouraging everyone to do the same. Other celebrities are Lele Pons, Jennifer Aniston, Halsey, and many more.

Celebrities across the world are trying to break the norms that are set up in society. The norms for the beauty of women have set standards that should not be applicable for all, but they are.

Some of these that are mainly in India is that girls should have fair skin; it is not okay to experiment with your hair color; men should not show emotions and whatnot. All these stereotypes are obsolete, and they should be gone. They do not belong to this era.

In these changing times, when a celebrity like Miley Cyrus, with such a good reputation, posts a pic, letting the nipples lose leaves a big dent on the not-acceptable norms. So her photo might be racy, but they do carry a strong message.

Everyone has been living according to the rules of society. These rules are unacceptable now. Yet, these are still followed because they have been engraved in our as the right thing to do. Thus, letting loose should be an option for all and not only Miley or any other privileged person.