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Microsoft Japan’s productivity increases by 40% after 3-Day Weekends

The Microsoft Company in Japan gave 3 days of weekends to its employees. The result of these ideas is great as it increases their productivity level by 40%. The company saw a rise in productivity to increase by 40% after they gave holidays on Friday also. In August the company gave a day off on Fridays also for the whole month.

In the month of August the company decreased the workdays for the whole month. The results were brilliant as it recorded 39.9% sale each employee. This was better than last year’s results in 2018. The tech company was doing 30 minutes of meetings only. The employees were also connecting through conference calls.

The results

The other advantage of this idea was helping the company to save more power. In the month of August, they were saving 58.7% fewer papers and 23.1% less electricity. in the company there are 2,300 employees working on a regular basis. The better work rate also increases the lifestyle of the employees.

A majority of employees almost 92.1% say that they were enjoying the four-day system by the company. But, there are no plans of making this a permanent system. The tech company also says that they are happy with the work of their employees. The Microsoft Company in Japan is one of the leading Microsoft branches all over the world. Besides that the employees were happy with less working hours but they did their work efficiently.

The company doesn’t have any plans when making this a permanent working system. But, the company says that it will do the same thing this winter also. The employees are really excited and happy about the ways of the company. The entire sale was going up in the graphs for the company. The amount of work that the employees were doing in working days is also brilliant.

The tech company is one of the best companies in the world right now. But with other companies wanting to try to increase their sales also they might copy this idea. But anyway it was a great idea and the results that they got are also very good. Extra sales with fewer workdays that sounds like a forward-thinking company.