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Microsoft Hires ‘Mac Book’ To Advertise For Its Surface Laptop 2

If you believed that Microsoft did advertisements comparing its Surface equipment to Apple products, believe again. Twitter user WalkingCat today leaked a fresh video ad for the Surface Laptop 2 and we’re still not sure if it’s really funny or just embarrassing.

Microsoft has discovered a true individual for this ad called Mackenzie Book, or “Mac Book.” This individual compares Surface Laptop 2 with MacBook Air on some criteria, including battery life, efficiency, and touch screen (which MacBook Air lacks). Mac Book suggests the Surface Laptop 2 is winning on all elements, as you can expect, and the ad finishes with stating it. “You’re supposed to get a surface, trust me, I’m Mac Book.” If this isn’t a powerful enough argument to get you to purchase one, we’re losing words.

Truth be told, though they’re not as hopeless as the “Scroogled” campaign that Microsoft did to criticize Google products, these advertisements seem to be something from the Ballmer age. To be fair, Apple also mocks its competitors from time to time, but since the era of “I’m a Mac,” this usually happens to get some laughs from a conquered audience during keynotes.

In terms of battery life, speed, and touch screen, the ad compares the Surface Laptop 2 to the MacBook. The advertisement highlights regions where the Surface Laptop 2 beats the MacBook, as you would expect.

This is not the first time either company has shot the other through their advertisements, nor is it probably the last. The two have a lengthy history of releasing hilarious advertisements from Mac vs PC that have entertained spectators and riled the fanboys.

One of the most famous latest Mac vs PC campaigns was the’ Get a Mac ‘ sequence of commercials from Apple running from 2006 to 2009. With actor Justin Long as the cool Mac, the advertisements outlined the different elements of Apple’s computers that distinguish them from Windows machines. In many countries around the world, the short TV spots have been aired and have become some of the best-loved Mac commercials over the past few decades.

In the new promotional video, Microsoft claims to have found a person in Sydney, Australia, with the name of Mackenzie Book, or more familiarly Mac Book. This is in charge of comparing the Apple device with Microsoft Surface Laptop 2. After a few minutes facing the possibility of both devices, the video ends with the claim that Mackenzie “Mac” Book recommends the Surface Laptop.