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McDonald’s new commercial is a beautiful short anime

McDonald’s new commercial is a beautiful short anime

McDonald’s new commercial is a beautiful short anime. The company is one of the leading companies that is selling fast food right now. Almost everyone knows about this brand as it has many outlets. The company is widely spread all over the world and makes a lot of profit. In the past years, the organization has taken some weird characters under their wings. They select some unique characters to act in their commercials. These characters almost never fail and help them to sell their delicious food.


Some of the characters in the past include the likes of a yellow and red clown, or a burger stealing thief and many more. But now as times are changing the company is also looking to change its advertisement. In their recent commercial, it seems that they are now trying to build an advertisement using anime. This advertisement is to promote fast food in Japan.

About McDonald’s New Commercial Advertisement

This is going to be the first time the organization is going to launch an anime commercial. The burger joint has been running for a very long time in the market. But now with the changing time, they are also changing their advertisement ideas. It is a shirt advertisement which shows winter along with hot food and heart-melting friendship story. At first SoraNews24 posts a video of the commercial online. In the ad, you can see that there are three friends who are hungry. The friends are trying to find a way to feed themselves in the cold weather.

Then they get the new McDonalds sandwich, through the “Gurakoro” line. This line offers special items in Japan. It shows the transition of “Croquet” style sandwiches which turn into world animation. The organizations are very keen on spreading their message all over the world. The organization also launches films in the hope that their message will reach everyone all over the world. The last movie by the burger joint was “Mac & Me”. Besides that, they also invest in videos for kids and adults. These videos game contains the McDonalds theme and the all-time fan-favourite characters. With delicious burgers and a brain to promote their message from every source, it feels like people might finally order some food from here.