Mayan MC: Now going to have a season 3 at FX

The famous series of the “Mayan MC” is now going to have a season 3. The news came in on the internet before the season 2 finale. The last episode of season 2 will be going to air on Tuesday. With other news coming that the only executive on the series will be going to be done by Elgin James. He is the series executive producer and also the co-creator of the famous series. The three seasons of the series is going to air next year later in the 2020 year. The news comes just after the firing of Kurt Sutter. Kurt was the co-showrunner and co-creator of the beloved series. Sutter informed the other about his exit on messages and emails. It was due to complaints about him not behaving properly on the set.

About the series

Sutter always says that he was planning to leave the series earlier. He says that everyone knew that if the series goes into its third season, he will leave the cast. This was because we want to give James the full control to run the third season. Comments from the programming director of the FX entertainment Nick Grad was also in support of Elgin James. The director says that he is very happy that the whole series is now going to be run by James all alone. It was Kurt Sutter that first introduced James to the cast of Mayans Mc. Due to his hard work and determination, the show was a big hit, and a lot of people were admiring the show.

The vision that James had was very much the crucial element in gelling the cast, crew, and set together to make this show a success. The set of Mayans Mc is the same set that Sutter was using for his own show previously. The popular show of Sutter was a very famous drama, “Sons of Anarchy.” The cast of the series includes JD Pardo, Raoul Max Trujillo, Richard Cabral, Micheal Irby, Edward James Olmos, Carla Baratta, Antoni Jaramillo, Emilio Rivera, Sarah Bolger, and Danny Pino. The series is sponsored by Fox 21 television Studios and FX Productions.