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Martin Scorsese says that he is not all happy with the success of The Marvel Universe in Cinema

Martin Scorsese feels that marvel is not a cinema company but a theme park show

The most controversial comment in 2019 is made by Martin on the Marvel Universe. This is a very stupid comment to make to one of the most successful companies in cinemas. On Monday at the New York Times Op-Ed piece, he says that he is sad about MCU’s success. He wrote a very long nonsense article talking about the impact of MCU on cinema. He feels that the company is an enemy towards the economy of cinemas. The Irishman also says that the values that they put as artists are also questionable. The headline of his article is, “I said Marvel Movies are not cinema. Allow me to explain.” He personally feels that the company is not producing movies that you can call a cinema.

His comments

The Irish director did not affect the company much with his comments. The article was not at all effective, and the company also didn’t pay any heed to it. The article was filled with backhand phrases and not so correct comments by the director. He writes about his comments that he made in October at an empire interview. In this interview, he says that marvel is not a real cinema company but a company that produces theme park movie concept. With all the negative comments that he is making, he is also receiving savage replies also. The stars who are replying to his comment are Jon Favreau, Francis Ford Coppola, and also the star of MCU Robert Downey Jr. All the fans all over the world were also criticizing these comments.

The social media was laughing at his comments as everyone loves Marvel. The company is the highest-grossing company right now, making cash as well as fans all over the world. The latest movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a very big hit all over the world. Their ongoing rivalry with DC comics is also very open to the public. But with his comments is not helping in any way because most of the people and fans are supporting the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The best superhero movies are from the MCU.