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Martin Scorsese: I Considered “Joker” But “Didn’t Have The Time”

Martin Scorsese says he did not have time for Joker Image Source: Google

Martin Scorsese is quite a hot topic lately. There is no chance that this legendary filmmaker is giving up on his war with comic books. At least not anytime soon. His aggressive comments on comic books did not fade away, and fans also respond to it. He thinks that films that take inspiration from comic books are only for the younger generations. So his revelations on the most controversial film of this are not shocking.

“Did Not Have Time For It”

Joaquin phoenix from “Joker” and Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese says that the thought of directing “Joker” did cross his mind. But he apparently did not do it because the main character is from a comic book. In an interview with BBC, he says, “I decided that I did not have time for it.” He was promoting “The Irishman,” his upcoming venture. Martin realizes that directing a movie from a comic book is not his area of expertise.

The filmmaker is also known to lash out on Marvel franchise, also quite some time back. He says, “I don’t see them. I tried to, you know? But that is not the cinema”. He, however, is not the only filmmaker who presents their hate on Marvel franchise. This comment of his spread a wave of outrage among the fans. They shared their responses with comments.

Scorsese is one of his interviews acknowledges that superhero movies are similar to “theme parks.” He says, “I agree they are not easy to make. There are a lot of talented people putting their hard work into it. There is also a huge fan following who enjoys them. But to me personally, they are just an extension of amusement parks”.

Scorsese makes his remarks for “Joker,” saying that he did not get involved in it due to “personal reasons.” But he, however, does not consider “Joker” to be a superhero movie. He says this movie is different, and it is not like the usual superhero flicks. Scorsese also praises Joaquin Phoenix, saying his “remarkable work” turns this film into something so spectacular. He says movies of this kind are just something different from his “art form.”