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Marieto Laurino-Radio DJ Papa Tolits Arrested In a Drug Raid

Police arrest Marieto Laurino a former radio DJ on September 21. Papa Tolits is the pseudo name of Marieto Laurino. And he is currently in the limelight for police arrests. Along with three others in the drug operation in Quezon City. The Drug Enforcement Agency of the Philippines mentions that Papa Tolits is 40 years old. And he was selling shabu to someone who was posing as a potential buyer. This was an incident on Friday, September 20, and the potential buyer was actually an official agent. Police made their arrest on 28 Finance Street, and the identification of other criminals was namely as Arbie Chua, Louwy Manabat, and Winnie Hunter.

Marieto Laurino-Radio DJ Papa Tolits Arrested In a Drug Raid
image : citizenexpress.today

The medical department has taken their drug tests. And all the tests came positive, and they were potential users of illegal drugs. Joel Plaza, the Regional Director of PDEA Metro Manila, mentions that there were almost 25 grams of shabu removal so far. The amount of such a high quantity reaches as high as P170,000. The supplier of this illegal drug group is still not known to the authorities.

As per PDEA, Mareito is just another suspect who helps the big drug lords to keep their drug den alive. The other two were just petty users whom the police took to custody. These users encourage these drug lord to produce more substances, which in turn increases the illegal drug market. The charges against Laurino and his fellow mates are of selling illegal drugs. This is such a punishable offense as it can result in life imprisonment. Papa Tolits was previously live on Barangay LS 97.1.