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Mansion in Los Angeles transformed as a haunted house for Halloween

In this Halloween season, everyone wants to enjoy and celebrate it with their friends. The best way to enjoy Halloween is to visit a haunted house. Besides that, where is the fun in roaming in the streets and not being scared? The spooky feel inside a dark house is one of the best experiences you have this Halloween. The house of spirits is a place that previously was a mansion. But now it is a haunted house for visitors. The experience that you will get after entering this house is absolutely breathtaking.

About the house

The walls of the house are decaying and falling apart to start with. Besides that, there are several scary paints on these walls. Besides that, it says that a mad man going to die drew these paints himself. All of this is available on the website of the house of spirits. These paintings are now famous around Vegas for being so terrifying. The painter of these paints is none other than Francisco Vega. The people now call these paints “spirit paintings.” Besides that, there are rumors that Vega’s journal says that the paintings are a way of reaching the spirit world. The starting of the house is very scary, as well. The first floor contains musicians and magicians along with a giant Ouija board for playing.

The director of the house Justin Meyer says that to learn about the house, ask the ghost. He feels that the visitors should talk with the ghost inside the house. The more you talk with the ghost, the more stories you will unravel. All the rooms and the floors of the house are interconnected with a common story. But if you want to know the full story, you need to talk with a ghost present inside the house. The visitors also get a tarot card that is very useful for getting drinks. As they wander from room to room on different floors, they can also enjoy drinks. The upstairs of the house is just amazing as it contains many games that the visitors can play with the monsters. But the basement is the scariest place of the house, says the director.