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Mainstream Actors Who Turned Their Way To The Adult Industry

Breaking into the acting industry is as tough as hell. The struggle is only known by those who overcome several obstacles to break through the path into the mainstream. In the midst of rejection, minor roles, countless auditions, and several failures, there are several actors who need a way to earn their living. There are several actors who work at multiple places to survive while others are striving hard to bath in the spotlight. While there are some, who work at cafes and restaurants as part-timers and others who make their living by flipping burgers.

Life is short and tough. Nothing comes easy, even for celebrities. Behind those happy faces and successful personalities, there lies a lot of struggle. While some actors earn a living by doing jobs which we consider as ‘decent.’ There are others who have entered the ‘other’ side to earn recognition. List of some of those actors whose good looks and immeasurable talent did not find them a place in Hollywood. In that case, they turn up to the ‘other’ side to survive.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Image Source: Google

This Charlie’s Angel was never this happy and successful. She is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors. She made several appearances in both lead and supporting roles. But there is a dark history behind the smiles of this dynamic actress. She once came to appear in a softcore video, which was extremely 90s. Cameron was seen exposing her bosom and whipping some guy who was chained in a chair adorning a gimp mask. She, however, has claims to all the rights of that video ever since, and there is no chance for any serious leaks for any horny fans out there.

John Bailey

He was not a very popular face of the television, and neither did he have a very prolific career in Hollywood. John made a few remarkable appearances on ‘Good times,’ ‘Happy Days’ and ‘M*A*S*H.’ He also made an appearance in the ‘Kentucky Fried Movie’ of 1977. Realizing that there was no scope for him in Hollywood, he makes his way to the adult industry. He entered the industry in the 80s under “Jack Baker” as his pseudo name. He has 150 recognitions in the adult industry. Bailey passed away in 1994 due to bladder cancer.

Kelly McCarty

Kelly McCarty Image Source: wikiwand.com

This recognizable face has also tried her talents in the adult industry. Ms. Lovelson, from Even Stevens, apart from her popular role, has several other recognitions. She is known to approach Vivid, which is a company for adult entertainment and has a deep involvement with an erotic film. She made her appearances in ‘Faithless’ which is a hardcore adult movie. Among all other things, she has her parts in its writing, acting, and editing.

Dustin Diamond

Dustin Diamond Image Source: Looper.com

This child actor was most popular for his role in ‘Saved By The Bell.’ He was also a part of several TV shows and short films until later he was found appearing in ‘The Wonder Years.’ He was innocent, just like every teen, but as he grew up, he went very deep into the adult industry. His fancies took him too far to star and direct his own porn, “Screeched-Saved By The Smell.” This ex-tape is to guarantee nausea to even the most pervert porn fan. This film fails due to the lack of both quality and experience.