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“Lose You To love Me” Convinced Fans That It Is About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez has struck us all with her new single “Lose you To Love Me.” The lyrics are really very emotional, which shows that Selena is a grown woman now. She is much stronger and mature than ever. You can hear it in her voice and in the lyrics of the song. We are all aware of Selena’s physical and mental struggle, and seeing our girl in such a strong spirit really wins our hearts.

The Inspiration

We have all heard about “Jelena.” They’re on again off again relationship has been over the headlines several times now. But Justin is married now, and according to CNN, rumors are such that the new single of Selena is somehow going back to him. “Jelena” is still alive in some corners of the hearts and minds of their fans. They just can’t seem to get over it, and the new song has set their emotions on fire.

The Song

The song begins with, “You promised the world, and I fell for it.” The song depicts a toxic relationship and has some really hard-hitting lines. There are several lines that made the fans speculate that the song is about Justin. Lines like, “You replaced us in two months like it was easy,” and “Its goodbye for us” makes the indications true somehow. The song is very deep, and if you listen between the lines, it is not difficult to understand the rumors. The song was so intriguing that even Hailey Bieber did not step down to leave her comment. She commented by saying, “It was always you,” which is a quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Justin and Selena dated for quite a long time. They started when they were in their teenage. Rumors are that they even gave time to each other after Justin was found linking to Hailey. Hailey is a model and wife of Justin Bieber. Justin and Hailey married last year in November. The breakup of “Jelena” was not an easy one. And as per Selena’s other song, he left in “peace” and left her in “pieces.”