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Leah Messer, “Teen Mom 2” Star Backlashes At “Rude” Trolls.

Leah Messer, as we all know, features in the show Teen Mom 2. She recently shared a photo of her on her Instagram account featuring her sister. They were enjoying a vacation in Costa Rica. As soon as she posted the image, she was trolled by several people saying that her image was photoshopped. She was really frustrated, and her anger backlashed when she clapped back to her trollers, saying that their comments were ‘rude’ and that she has done nothing to manipulate her photo digitally. These allegations backfired when Messer announced that she got back with Jeremy Calvert, her ex-husband, the previous month.

Trolls Over The Image

Messer shared an Instagram post on Wednesday, along with her sister. The photo was of the standing under a waterfall in Costa Rica and enjoying their time. They were on a break from the brutal reality of the world and were having a good time. But this happiness was short-lived when she started receiving trolls on her shared post. Being a popular actor, Messer has a huge fan following. There are fans who know her better, and this is the reason why some fans thought that she has actually photoshopped the picture.

One of her followers commented, “ Why to bother to Photoshop when millions of people already saw the real you on the trip. It is horrible”. Messer was not letting this comment pass so easily. According to the reports of InTouch Weekly, she replied angrily, “ Why are you people so RUBE.” She also added, “# No Photoshop.”

Apart from such demeaning comments, there were several fans who supported her and jumped to her defense. They said when you try to be you, this is what people do to you. The world is full of fake people, and people nowadays are starting to get adjusted to it. One of her fans pointed out,’ “ They are in knee-deep water. Why does everyone feel the image to be photoshopped”.


Messer is a 27-year old mom with three daughters. Life has never been easy for her. On top of balancing her personal and professional life together, she does not need some petty trollers to ruin her life even further. Apart from this photo, she also shared a photo of her along with her friends having fun in Costa Rica.