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Lauren Alaina’s Late Stepfather Gets Honoured On ‘Dancing With The Stars”

Dancing With The Stars, on Monday, received an emotional performance. This performance was by a country singer, Lauren Alaina. She danced on her own song and dedicating it to her stepfather performs it. She performed on “The Other Side” on the occasion of her stepfather’s death anniversary.

The Performance

The American singer performed with her partner Glen Savchenko. She experiences teary eyes and had millions of emotional racing through her. Her father died from cancer last October, and so the performance was heartbreaking and definitely not an easy one.

Alaina was discussing the night prior to her dance. She, with teary eyes, mentions that the night was going to be supremely difficult for her as well as her family. She says, “My father changed my mom’s life. He made her happy”. She wrote this song for her father. She says, ” I wanted to do justice to my father.” Lauren continued by saying, “My father was very proud of me. He would always cry hearing me sing”.

It is quite evident that the singer misses her father. She writes this song in his memory so that he can live forever. Lauren said that she was “destroyed” and wanted her father to be always remembered. The stunning choreography was curated by Savchenko. He portrayed it beautifully as if Lauren was talking to her stepdad.

Emotional Flood

The runner up of the American Idol already honored her stepfather on social media. She already hinted that the nights’ performance would be about him. The performer survived her performance through a lot of emotions. She confronted the Red Carpet, “I survived through it. I really hoped to get through this one and did not want to break down or get upset. I wanted to be able to perform well”.

Alaina also posted on her Instagram, saying, “My father was my Champion always. He was my number 1 fan and is my guardian angel now.” The post was quite emotional, and she also shared a lovely picture with her stepdad. She concludes by saying, “My stepfather is gone for a year now, and I still can not believe it. This day is extremely hard for me and my family, but I know Sam is watching over us. He never left us, and he is going to be so proud of me. I send all my warm hugs and wishes to my mom. She deserves it, and this dance is for you, Sammy.