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Lady Gaga To Feature In A Family Murder Film Of Ridley Scott

The famous pop singer Lady Gaga needs no special introduction. Reports say that she is going to appear in a murder film of Maurizio Gucci. The film is under the direction of Ridley Scott. Lady Gaga previous makes her appearance in “A Star Is Born” alongside Bradley Cooper. This movie was nominated for the Oscars. The real name is Lady Gaga however is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

The Storyline

As per the reports of Deadline, lady Gaga will appear as Patrizia Reggiani. She is the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci. She plays the role of a woman who is found guilty of her ex-husband’s death. Maurizio Gucci happens to be the grandson of the founder of Gucci, which is a famous fashion brand.

Lady Gaga to star as Patrizia Reggiani Image Source: Google

Lady Gaga will characterize herself as an Italian socialite who is super-wealthy. Before her divorce with Maurizio Gucci, she has two children from him. Their divorce took place in 1985. Authorities find Patrizia Reggiani guilty for appointing a hitman to kill her ex-husband. The kill takes place outside his office in Milan. It is going to be a classic mafia hit in the 1995 style.

Reggiani’s conviction goes to trial, and it attracts a lot of media. The media comes from all over the world to cover her story. The Italian Press labels her as the “Black Widow.” Maurizio Gucci serves as the President of Gucci For quite a long time. His death stirs up the entire fashion world and it became a case of the high-profiles.

Reggiani serves 18 years behind the bars and she faces her release in 2016. She, however, denies the charges against her completely. In order to save their mother her two children make a false case of brain tumor. They say she is sick, and therefore, there is a change in her behavior.

Lady Gaga previously was a receiver of a lot of praises for her previous film. Her acting even gained her a nomination as the best actress in the Academy Awards. There is no doubt about the singer’s acting talents. We hope to see her soon on the big screen yet again.