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Lady Gaga and “Overexcited” Fan Survives Through A Nasty Onstage Fall!

Lady Gaga escaped narrowly a nasty onstage fall. She might not be allowing her fans to climb up on stage after this incident. Lady Gaga is quite a popular name of the pop industry, and she is known immensely fr her unique singing voice and of course, not to mention her over the top dressing sense. She was performing live at the Residency Show of Las Vegas when this incident happened. The concert was going on at the Park theater of Park MGM, and it was full of Lady Gaga fans.

The “Fan” Incident

Gaga invited one of her fans to the stage in the middle of her performance. She wanted to show her love and appreciation to her fans, but instead, her fan got excited and lifted her. Gaga very sportingly jumped onto him and wrapped her legs. She continued singing while her fan made a few movements carrying her. Everything was going well until the fan stepped on the corner of the elevated platform and bumped hard on the ground. The fans who were shooting the video of the concert happened to capture this accident as well. From the videos on Twitter, it can be understood that it was Lady gaga who hit the ground, and the man fell right on top of her.

The Awestruck Crowd

It was not intentional, which could be easily understood when we view the various angles as provided by the fans. It was a simple accident as the man had no idea of how close he was to the edge. He just simply tripped and fell. The fall was serious, and it could have hurt both of them. The fans screamed in despair as they were witness to this terrible and nasty fall. The fall seemed pretty serious, but according to the fans who posted on Twitter it was known that Lady gaga got right back up and continued her concert as god as normal. She was singing and dancing, showing no signs of pain, and this is what won the hearts of the fans yet again.

Lady Gaga did not file any official report about this accident, and there is nothing on the fan either. Whether or not she was hurt or injured is not yet known.