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Kissing mystery woman makes YG apologize to Khelani

YG and Khelani only make their relationship official, and they are already in trouble. The official announcement came this September, and YG is already cheating Khelani as per reports. The rapper, 29, posts a short message on his Instagram page saying that he did not cheat Khelani. This denial came shortly after some photos, and a video brushed the rapper’s reputation.

The Night scene

The video shows the rapper kissing a woman from his car. The incident happened on Wednesday when the rapper was all set to leave Poppy nightclub. The rapper kept his denial crisp and short. He simply wrote, “I love Khelani. I would never,”. The rapper did not feel any need to specify the intentions behind his message.

YG’s denial message on Instagram Image source: Instagram

As per the video, the rapper seats himself in the backseat while the women bend down to talk. The woman was wearing a silky floral kimono. The video clearly shows YG opening the door and the mystery woman sitting on his lap. She leans forward and angles her face as if kissing him while running her hands on his body.

Later in the video, we see YG making a subsequent move. He places his hand on the torso of the girl and pulls her close for another kiss. This is when the woman’s friend arrives, and she asks her to “wrap this s*** up.” Although the conversation between the three of them is not quite audible.

However, YG’s friends completely deny the situation. They say she was harassing the rapper for a photo until he surrendered. He was not in the mood for a photo. The claims suggest that they came in close contact with each other simply for photo purposes. However, YG’s representatives have something else to say. “He was very drunk and got carried away. He never intended to do and is regretful for putting himself in such a situation and hurting #Khelani”.

The representatives continue to say, “he has no romantic connection with the girl. It was just in the heat of the moment, and he was drunk. The timing of this incident is quite bad as Khelani just shared a picture of the two of them the day before.