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Kelly Ripa defending her joke on her son’s ‘extreme poverty’

Kelly Ripa is upholding a joke she made about her lad on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

She seemed on the late-night talk show Tuesday and discussed how her lad, Michael Consuelos, is dwelling on his own in Brooklyn.

The 22-year-old, who follows New York University, is memorizing how to live on his own like numerous other young people, as per his mom. “I believe he likes the freedom,” Ripa joked. “He hates reimbursing his rent, and he is chronically poor. I do not think he ever really skilled extreme poverty like now.”

The talk episode host said her lad had been eagerly looking ahead to the annual Halloween gift of $20 his grandparents usually mail. Now that he is living on his own, he has called three times,” Ripa said about her lad inquiring as to whether the economic gift has come.

Some folks did not take kindly to what they discern as a successful celebrity making light of poverty.

On Wednesday, Ripa reacted in the comments section of an image of her and her lad on her official Instagram page, composing “Michael goes to college and is elderly and works full time.”

“He is in his first non-parent subsidized apt with roommates. I am used to getting a lot of leeways because people like to have fake outrage over something they did not see,” she wrote.

“They only browse a headline and wag their boring fingers. I did not grow up privileged, and neither did @instasuelos [her husband Mark’s Consuelos’s Instagram account].”

“We labor, and we anticipate our children as well,” she added. “And the evidence that a pack of fools wants to b***h about that, I say let them.”

Ripa also humored about how she and her husband, Mark Consuelos, cannot seem to get rid of their children.