Kanye West’s New Music Album Made Us Question Whether His Devotion Is Spiritual Or Commercial

Kanye West’s new album has given some bomb drops. His latest music album “Jesus Is King” has made his fans do some thinking. There are some who think he has lost his sanity, and there are others who believe in his findings of salvation and peace. There is no absolute theory whatsoever. His conversion, however, has come in front of the world in several different ways.

The Clarification

Kim Kardashian, the supermodel and Kanye’s wife, has spoken in a talk show about his husband’s conversion. She mentions, “My husband has devoted his life to Jesus.” The confession of religion and, however, actually practicing it are completely different things. The devotion of Kanye has got us thinking whether this devotion is completely spiritual or is some cheap money-making stunt?

Kanye has been involved in some really malicious controversies. And for this reason that some say that Kanye has directed his path towards spiritual devotion and is looking to reinvent himself fundamentally. Kanye began his Sunday services first in the month of January this year. His practices are nontraditional and extremely non-denominational.

His New Album

West’s new album is finally out, and the world is going crazy behind it. He premiered his song “Jesus is King” in Los Angeles early this week at one event. At this event, he also played some of the tracks, which mainly featured devotion. He finally announced the official tracklist on Thursday via social media.

The album has 11 tracks, and several songs have finally been released. There have been some false starts and delays, but he finally manages to bring out his all devotional album to the world. The ongoing devotional tour of Kanye has been quite polarizing. He gained much criticism on his album but still stays on board.