Kanye West said to Kim Kardashian Met Gala Dresses Look is ‘Too Sexy.’

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The controlling conflict starts when Kanye tries to control Kim’s wardrobe choices. As per sources, Kanye suddenly became a conservative from “show off.” His devotion towards the spiritual side is what has transformed him.

As per the sources, Kanye is getting on Kim’s nerves trying to decide her wardrobe. He always feels that she is revealing way too much. As per iRadar’s sources, “He is trying to control Kim like he is a teenage girl.”

Just An Overprotective Husband

Sources say that Kim needs to get her outfit approved by Kanye before going out of the house. Kim Kardashian addresses this grave issue on Tuesday at “The Real.” She says, “I obviously want to honor my husband and his feelings. He has been going through a lot of change in his life”. She further mentions that he is very overprotective about his children, as well. They are growing up, and he does not want them to have any negative impact on anything.

As per the gorgeous beauty, the spiritual journey of Kanye West has made him super strict. It is not only the children who need to abide by his rules but also his wife. Previously in an interview, Kim mentions that there was a conflict between them about her jewelry display. She says he is “too controlling.”

The Identity Conflict

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Met Gala Image Source: Google

She sees Kanye like this. Kim opens up about her situation as well in the show. She says, “I am always going to be me. We had this conflict on what is too much. When is this obsession going to stop? I am turning 40 next year and already a mother of four. How long are we doing this?” Kim also says that at the end of the day, she totally respects her husband and compromises.

The conflict that Kim was referring to was the time of Met Gala. Her outfit was labeled as “too sexy” by her husband. Kanye says that he understands the corset is hot, but it is hot for whom? He says that he was deeply hurt by her dressing sense and comments her dress was “too sexy.” Kim immediately backfires, saying, “You were the one who enabled me to build this confident and sexy self. Now that you are turning all spiritual does not mean that I need to be on the same page with you”.


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