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Kandi Burruss loved her Halloween makeup and praises her makeup artist

Kandi Burrus loved her Halloween makeup and praises her makeup artist

With Halloween just finished, we have seen some bizarre and some beautiful makeup of famous celebrities. Kandi Burruss, on the other hand, was sharing pictures in Halloween costumes with her family. She wanted her fans to guess the characters that they were dressed as. She was rocking a Scar, scary look for Halloween. Her outfit and her makeup were on point for Halloween. But, now she is making sure to pay credit where its due. She was publicly praising her makeup artist, who did a fantastic job. She was sharing her pictures along with a thanks message to her makeup artist @lahluvie.

The reaction of her fans

She wrote a very sweet caption on her Instagram profile, thanking everyone that made the look possible. The makeup artist, the costume designer, the photographer everyone was in it. Her inspiration for the makeup came from the famous character ‘Scar’. The ‘Scar’ is a character in a very delightful and classic movie, “The Lion King.” This movie ranks among one of the best animated movies for kids. The movie is so good that people still watch it till date. It is one of the best classic movies that you can watch anytime. With her already stunning looks and style, she was looking stunning. Not the best scary face in Halloween but certainly one of the best looks in this year’s Halloween. Her Instagram account has almost 7 million followers, and everyone loved her look for Halloween. One of the fans says, “OMG, I love your Halloween look so much.”

A lot of fans were also praising her, saying she looks beautiful in any look. The millions of followers and fans loved her look as well as the work done by the artist. A lot of fans were also praising the makeup artist for her work. All of her fans were so happy to see her enjoying Halloween with a new look and her family. The artist who was receiving all of Kandi’s praise also gave a response. She says, “you look so beautiful. I am very happy that I was able to work for you. Besides that, I can’t get the Wiz track out of my head.