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J&J Recalled their Baby Powder bottles after FDA finds asbestos’s traces

According to REUTERS, 33,000 baby powder bottles are recalled by Johnson & Johnson after found some traces of asbestos in the bottles by United States Health Regulators. But the recall is limited to only one lot of the Baby powder produced in 2018 at the United States-based unit. 

Because of this sudden recall, the share of the J&J fell from 3.6% to $131.40 as per the New York Stock Exchange Website.

One J&J representative has also stated that a team has been made to investigate the matter, which is also coordinating and working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to check the tested sample’s integrity and validations once again.

But any spokesperson of FDA is not commenting anything on the matter right now.

Reuters had published an article and report earlier in December 2014, According to which the company knew the fact for years that asbestos could be found in their powder, which can cause various forms of cancer.

The consumer’s unit of the company had stated after the matter that they are not sure that the United States Health Regulators have taken the sample from the bottle, which was with as intact seal, and they also added that we could not confirm whether the tested sample was authentic or counterfeit.

The company has also stated that the Organization is confirming the talc contaminated too early and also said that they had done thousands of tests from time to time in the last four decades, which always confirms that their powder does not contain asbestos. 

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