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Jennifer Lopez to be starred as Superhero in DC’s Next Batman

Jennifer Lopez to be starred as Superhero in DC's Next Batman
Jennifer Lopez arrives at the annual Governors Awards ceremony, hosted by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, on Oct. 27 in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez is super talented, and she is one of the most versatile and sexy singers the music industry has. She has also made appearances in several films like “Maid In Manhattan”, “Shall We Dance” and others. With her superficial acting skills, she even makes the future “Batman” believe that she will be an excellent protector of Gotham city.

Big Approval

While Jennifer masters all the genres of singing, acting and dancing, she now wants to try her hands on the superhero genre. Jennifer recently appears in the 2019 film “Hustlers”. She sits her down with the future “Batman” star Robert Pattinson who believes that she will make an excellent superhero. Her acting skills have left everyone in awe, and even Ben Affleck wishes that he could have had the skills, aptitude and bank account of Lopez. Lopez has conquered the whole world with her fascinating talent, and she is yet to leave her mark again as “Batman”.

Lopez was in a friendly conversation with Pattinson, where she mentions that he is going to be an awesome Batman. In reply to this, the “Twilight” fame says, “You can be an amazing Batman too”. Lopez nods agreeably and says that she is already nailing the signature pose then why not. Despite all the whims and fancies, the Batman cast is already put together, and everyone is assigned their roles. She is so seeing this, Jennifer might have to put aside her superhero dreams as of now.

Jennifer’s Commitments

Jennifer has a lot going on in her plate right now other than Batman. She will be performing at the halftime show of Super Bowl 2020. This is a perilous mission, and the “Papi” singer is all set to put the stage on fire. There will also be stars like Shakira present at the game to make the night more dazzling. Jennifer hopes that this night will prove to be a reunion of all the supporters, fans and performers.

Lopez mentions to Pattinson that she along with Shakira are really excited to perform at the game they are going to be two Latinas performing in Miami. She further says that performing in a country when Latina women are looked down upon is extremely special. She says, “We want to go up on that stage and show them we have an extremely beautiful culture. We are worth the value, and we do have something necessary to contribute”.