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Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional With Her Golden Globe Nominations, Says “I Am Humbled”

Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional With Her Golden Globe Nominations, Says “I Am Humbled”

Jennifer Lopez Gets Emotional With Her Golden Globe Nominations, Says “I Am Humbled”. Jennifer Lopez is an extremely talented singer and actress. This Latina pop star has amazed us on several occasions. One such news again is her nomination for the Golden Globe awards.

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Jennifer Lopez has received a Golden Globe nomination after a long time in 20 years. She earns this nomination for her role as Ramona in Hustlers. Lopen on her Instagram handle gave a thank you speech which is very emotional. She says, “ I am really excited and humbled to be considered worthy for this role”.

The Golden Globe Awards Nomination

Jennifer Lopez plays Ramona in Hustlers. Image Source: Google

To prepare for Ramona was a real struggle. It involves a decent amount of blood, tears and sweat to play this character. J Lo was playing the character if a woman involved in a crime racket. The actress-singer who is currently 50 years old also mentions that several months have passed in order to be a convincing pole dancer. She even installed dancing poles in her house to practice. In her Instagram Video, Lopez says, “ It is not easy. It is as hard as everything I have ever learned. It might, however, be one of the hardest”.

The last Golden Globe nomination for Jennifer Lopez was back in 1997. She is the movie Selena Quintanilla was playing the character of Selena. The movie was a biography of the infamously famous Mexican-American songwriter and singer.

The Instagram Video

A makeup-free selfie of j Lo from her Instagram video. Image Source: Google

Jennifer Lopez shares a video immediately on her Instagram handle after she learns about her nomination. The video shows her bare face, which is absolutely beautiful and free of any makeup. The video is not only an emotional speech but also a way to showcase the new home of the couple. You can catch glimpses of the Rodriguez-Lopez family life.

Not only Lopez but also Rodriguez got his fair share of posting a video. He also posts a video of Lopez shooting the video with breakfast in front of her. The proud fiance takes this opportunity to congratulate his love. He captions the post by saying, “This is simply a great way to end a phenomenal year. I am happy to congratulate the most talented women on the planet”.

It took two decades to get Lopez a Golden Globe nomination. We cross our hearts and sincerely hope that she makes it this time and ends her year with a bang.