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Jennifer Aniston Kisses Ellen DeGeneres, This Friend’s lead is up to some bang

Popular T.V. show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which made us laugh for a very long period, it gave rise to many new star’s carriers. Jennifer Aniston got a hike in her carrier after this show in which she acted as Rachel Green kissed Ellen DeGeneres on her T.V. show. It went as a publicity stunt, but who knows, if it was not a stunt.

The Controversy

Jennifer came to The Ellen DeGeneres Show set, and she announced that their Friends cast is going to do a big thing very soon, she further added that her team has something very much exciting for the fans. But in that show, her cast, her crew nothing was the main reason to be remembered because at the end she locked her lips with the host. Jennifer commented on kissing the host that never locked her lips with a female, and is the one who gave that opportunity. After that kiss, she laughed and asked her if she got nervous or she enjoyed it. But it is DeGeneres’s show she repaid this with the very sizzling answer if it turned Janni on.

The Project

Till the end of the host show, it was a lip-lock kiss that became a vital topic to discuss with the audience, and the audience was also enjoying the guest-host conversation. Jennifer cross-questioned host about the numbers of the time she kissed a male guest; in actual that show became kiss the guest show that day. Later in that show, Aniston got surprised fellow guest Charlie Puth. Charlie Puth was a big fan of the T.V. series, and he recently spent time with Aniston’s Friends and co-stars, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. It was the interest of the topic of a reunion came up. 

DeGeneres further pushed for details on a potential project, asking if it will be a movie. Anniston answered that question very much wisely as she does not know, or it can be a movie too if someone guesses.