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Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Teams Up With Spacefaring Heavyweights for Human Lunar Lander Design

Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturing American company, founded by Jeff Bezos.

They announced this morning that they would not be manufacturing their giant lunar lander any more. The company plans on long term benefits as they are to team up with three other space companies, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper.

The announcement was made in a press conference where Brent Sherwood, the Vice President of the Blue Origin said,

“We recognize that this project and the time frame that the nation is calling for is ambitious — very ambitious. And so, we’ve pulled together the best in the industry to make this happen with our partner, NASA.”

NASA is currently working on Artemis, which is a commercial spaceflight program under which they are a plan to send the first woman on the moon. Initially, the target year was 2028. But after being challenged by Vice President Mike Pence to prepone the program by four years, the agency started giving out contracts so that they could create history.

The submissions of the key vehicles for the agency are due on November 1st. Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin was secretly working on its lander Blue Moon for the last three years. It was only in the month of May that the Amazon CEO revealed the all-new engine of the lander, BE-7, to the general public.

In April, the Lockheed Martin also showcased their lunar lander to the public, which was influenced by the design and technology of Orion, which they had been developing for NASA.

It was this morning that it was announced that both the companies are going to join hands and work towards the integration of the lunar lander so that the Artemis program could be brought into execution.

Blue Origin will be leading the entire project while Lockheed Martin will be training and leading the flight controllers who will be managing the lander in space. Northrop Grumman will be developing an in-space ferry for the lander. Draper will be responsible for the software development of the navigation system to provide guidance in reaching the lunar south pole region of the moon.

“We recognize that there is an enormous amount to get done. The schedule laid on top of that really highlights that. And so, to us, the most sensible thing was to get together to try to deliver this to NASA.” Said the Vice President of Blue Origin at the press conference.