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Jason Segel join two couple’s photoshoot surpisingly

An engaged couple was minding their work, getting their pictures taken in Philadelphia when suddenly a celebrity enlisted in one of their images.

Megan Monaco and Joe Fetrow were journeying from Norfolk, Virginia, seizing engagement images in front of Philadelphia’s famous art museum when a similar face jumped into the frame along with them. Jason Segel, in town, capturing a movie, straight up involved their Saturday shoot.

“You do not expect something like that to occur … and then it does, and it was so entertaining,” Monaco told CNN.

Segel, best remembered for his roles in “How I Met Your Mother” and “Freaks and Geeks,” had been strolling around the area before agreeing to be in the picture.

“We flapped hi to him … and then he began walking over to us,” Monaco said. “Then he said, ‘Just keep doing what you are doing I will get in a photo with you!'”

Oddly sufficient, the photographer, Eric Talerico, had no notion who he was.

“He is the only one of my shutterbug who would not recognize him,” Twisted Oaks Studio holder Jay Cassario told CNN. “I am just jealous; it did not happen to me.”

Cassarino said that as a photographer, giving a perfect focus on the initial shot is relatively hard, and the photographer nailed it.

After the photobomb, Segel nodded hands with the couple and got on about his way, not hanging out for too extended.

But the picture will be a talking point for the pair for years to come.

“We had such an enormous day. …That was just something additional to make it special,” Monaco announced.

Correction: A prior version of this story misspelled Joe Fetrow’s surname. He is the barely one of my photographers who would not recognize him,” Twisted Oaks Studio owner Jay Cassario notified CNN. “I am just jealous; it did not happen to me.”

Cassarino announced that as a photographer, getting a significant focus on the first shot is reasonably tricky, and the photographer pinned it.