iPhone12: New Wireless Charging technology will be introduced alongwith 5G support

Rumors are going around since around the middle of 2019. According to the rumors, Apple will be coming out with three iPhones in 2020. These phones will have features never seen before.

The refresh rate will be double that of this year’s iPhones with a 120 Hz ProMotion display. Apple has previously launched a 120Hz refresh rate in 10.5 in iPad Pro and 12.9 in iPad Pro.

Other changes that Apple is coming up with is reduction or removal of the notch. A notch is a house for sensors, front camera, and speaker. It is the cut-out on the top of the screen.

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Apple is testing face ID prototypes that are smaller in size. It will have a new Face ID set up. The size of the notch will be small enough to fit enough in the bezel of the iPhone.

The new iPhones of 2020 will be able to support a 5G connection. Samsung Galaxy S11 and Note 11 are also confirmed, coming out with devices supporting 5G connection in 2020.

Apple does have some competition. Samsung is also looking forward to improving its refresh rate.

The biggest rumor is that Apple may do away with the lightning port for wireless charging and data transfer. Next year’s iPhones may switch to USB-C. The wireless charging update is likely to be made in 2023.

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There will also be design changes in the body of the iPhones. The new design will be reminiscent of the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 had signal issues due to defective design. Apple’s 2020 iPhones will still use Qualcomm’s chip.

Analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicted that 2021 iPhones would have full-screen fingerprint recognition technology and an under-screen camera. Kuo also predicted that the new iPhones would have an OLED screen.

The new iPhones will have three cameras, unlike the 2019 iPhones which has 2. iPhone 12 will also have an extra telephoto zoom camera.