Humans may end themselves? man-made viruses are next terrorist threat

BIOTERRORISM this is a word we rarely listen but Shakes us a bit while Listening. This thing is going to change the world if it goes as the plan, but if it went wrong, all humanity would have to vanish from the planet.

What Is Bioterrorism?

A process of creating New Viruses By Modifying their DNA or Mutating or Altering To Increase the Damage of Disease and their ability to spread by ten or More Times.

Role Of DNA Editing

DNA Modification is a revolution in the medical field. This is a solution for many problems on earth, but it has a dark side too in the wrong hands. It has the potential to destroy the entire world.

DNA Modifications

In 2011 a duo of Scientists named Holland and Wisonsin Successfully altered the DNA of deadly H5N1 Virus commonly known as ‘Bird-flu,’ to Decrease its contagiousness, which showed a positive impact in this field.

Mis-Use of Science

Science can wipe out life from the earth when it goes into the wrong hands.

According to Scientists, In the ten years, humans may encounter a deadly virus that we’ve never seen before. A Supervirus that is ten times Contagious as Chickenpox and 10times Deadly as Ebola can be Created in this Bio-Warfare.