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‘Honey Boy’ Review: Shia LaBeouf says it’s about his own life

Shia LaBeouf is not only a co-star in the film but also a writer. He says that the story is his own personal life story. The movie is well awaited by many people. The names of a few characters are also changed in the movie. The storyline of the movie is also very captivating. It’s a story about two people from different time periods.

The review of the movie 'Honey Boy' Shia LaBeouf
The review of the movie ‘Honey Boy’
Shia LaBeouf

The movie shows how the trouble in life has been holding back the promising career of an individual. Moreover, it shows how he got in a downward spiral that did not end well at all. There are numerous kid stars that got fame at an early age and then just vanished. The pressure of making it to the top and staying there is huge on these stars.

About the movie

The director of the movie is Alma Har’el. The director was exceptional in making this fictional story into a masterpiece. The real-life story of Shia and how he got fame as a child is also in the movie. The star has an abusive father that doesn’t show much love to him.

His gradual fall from stardom to mediocrity is also in the movie. After failing to deal with failure and his own personal life falling apart gave him a big shock. Soon he was in rehab and finally in recovery. The recovery process is still going on, but soon will be over.

Shia LaBeouf in HONEY BOY
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The script of the movie is very real and relatable to the audience. There is nothing better than a true come back story, and the audience loves it. Otis Lort is playing the onscreen role of Shia. In the movie, he sees him in two different stages of his life. The child actor who is playing the role is Noah Jupe.

As the story roles, we get to know that the child star was the only source of money for the family. The food, clothes, rent, everything was on his little shoulders. The main villain of the movie is partly the father. The man is an addict, ex-criminal, and also abusive. If you want to know how hard it is a child star, you should really watch this movie.