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Holby City (Trippy Episode): Ric Griffin underwent brain surgery

Holby City’ trippy’ Episode

The viewers of Holby City have been left with effect from the recent Episode that the Episode was not written well. In the Episode, Ric Griffin went under brain surgery. Ric goes through a different realm of the world and meets many people.

This has been accounted for by people across the world. They think that they were moving around when they were lying on the operation table. It was like a scene from Dr. Strange movie. The writer has taken ideas from these people and Dr. Strange.

The viewers were surprised by the Episode. It is very intense. Ric loses his heartbeat and is then resuscitated. Simultaneously he is having a walk with his granddaughter in a garden and promises her that he would return, and he survives.

It is like a scene where the person is about to die, and they meet someone, and they decide that it is not their time yet.

Another example of this scene is the famous Harry Potter. He dies towards the end and meets Dumbledore at a train station and decides to return. Similarly, in Deadpool 2, our character dies in the end, and his wife tells him that it is not his time yet and that he must return.

Movies and TV shows like to incorporate such scenes in their shows as it brings out a different feeling that no one has felt before or has experienced before.

They can experiment with the scene, and the outcomes would be great, as is the case in Holby City.

The viewers of such scenes are usually left in tears, and they are hit right in their hearts. Even a hardcore person starts to cry. When characters return from death is always intense. The situation and intensity in the operation theatre is a different story.

There is chaos when they start to lose the patient. There is a rush in the doctors, and they would do anything to save their patients.