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Hobbs and Shaw didn’t connect to the audience. Here’s why?

In theaters, Hobbs & Shaw is still running. But with the way it is attracting crowd, it might be brought down very soon. The movie hit the theaters as a sub-story plot of the famous movie “Fast & Furious.” This movie, however, has not been up to the likes of the fans. The movie is now languishing in the 27th position. The total earring of the movie in the American Box office is $ 93,635. The movie is now in its 20th week of continues screening, and viewers are decreasing day by day. On the staring day, the viewers were 4,253, but now it has been dropping rapidly and stopped at 187. With the new movies releasing quickly, their time in the theaters might end sooner.

The Difference

This movie is a side part of the main Fast & Furious series, so the expectation was not high. This movie, however, was in the running to cross the mark because of the cast. The cast was strong as there was Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The highest-grossing movie of this famous series is part seven. The earring of Furious 7 is $ 353 million, which was loved by the fans. In comparison, the earnings of Hobbs & Shaw is $173.7 million. The only movie that has a lesser earning is “Tokyo Drift,” which was another side part of the main movie. The earring of Tokyo Drift is $ 62.5 million only.

Unfilled Expectations

The last movie that the series launched was Fast & Furious 8. But, it is not right to be that harsh on this movie. The movie still ranks in the top 10 American Movies of 2019. The movie was successful in the all-time grossing list for movies. Hobbs & Shaw are sitting pretty at the 97th position out of 100. The highest-ranking movie of the series is Furious 7, which is sitting in the 9th position. But with all of this when you have a billion-dollar series behind you. The stars like Johnson and Statham the expectations will always be high.