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Henry Thomas, the actor of E.T., got arrested and sent to jail

Henry Thomas is an actor, and he was the child in the movie E.T. He is under arrest as the authorities said that he was driving while being under the influence. Henry was taken to the County Jail of Washington. The police gave information like he was found inside a stationary car. It was Monday when the police found Thomas inside that car. The police sent an email to his lawyers and representatives. The police didn’t hear anything from them till Tuesday. When the police got the information about a parked car, they went to check. They found Thomas inside the car all alone. They also did a sobriety test of Henry, which he was unable to complete and was put in custody.

Life of the Star

Henry, who is now 46 years old, was the start of the classic movie from 1982. He was a child that became friends with an alien in that movie. Henry was also in movies like the “Legends of the fall” and “Gangs of New York.” Most recently, he was playing a few roles in the “CSI” and the “Mentalist.” Henry, after playing the role of Elliot in the movies E.T, gained fame. He was only playing the role of a child, but the movie was a hit. As of now, Henry was acting in the Netflix series “the haunting of hill house.” Henry was released by the police on Tuesday morning. He was free on his own will as the information from the spokesperson of the County Jail in Washington.