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HBO Orders the prequel of “Game of Thrones” including all the 10 episodes

The most loved and fan-favorite series “Game of Thrones” is over. Recently this year, the famous ongoing series came to an end. The series is very famous and has fans all over the world. The series won many awards for its stories, and people loved it. The fans of the series were not happy with the last season of the series. With a number of comedy errors in the last season, it was not that good. These errors were hyped and shown by the media and all over the internet. But, now, after already rejecting one prequel, HBO is looking for another. The previous prequel was having a star in the form of Naomi Watts. With this news, the fans of GoT are once again hoping to see a brilliant series.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

About the prequel

The HBO channel confirms that they are ordering ten episodes for the prequel. These ten episodes are now under the name of ” House of the Dragon.” This is going to link with the original series but 300 years prior. The series recently came to an end in May 2019. The channel also says that the prequel is a story for George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood.” The news of the prequel is now all over the internet. The announcement of the prequel was done by the president of the channel Casey Bloys. The major announcement was on the stage at the presentation of the HBO Max. The online services of HBO Max will start from the month of May in 2020.

The prequel of the famous TV series is going to be the main attraction again in the online market. With people now happier in watching TV series than daily soaps, it’s the correct time. The GoT series was one of the most successful series of the channel. The spinoff of GoT is really going to excite the fans once again. With the new online services also launching in May next year, this series might help them gain more viewers. The channel also says that they did not decline any other prequel with star Naomi Watts. But, not many people will care because they are now going to get the prequel after all.