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“Harriet” Review: Strange but important movie

This is a brilliant movie with the story of a black slave. It is not common in Hollywood to make movies on black people or women. But they did it this time with black women as the lead. The movie is really awesome, and a true story and the cast were also brilliant. But a few things are still not in place and still can be done. One of the most important things that are missing is her place in the currency. You can easily Google “$20”, “Tubman,” and “Trump.” The $20 bill is still a long way away from now. But finally, she got a Hollywood movie to show her struggles against slavery. She is a very important figure in the fight for the Anti-slavery movement. There was a lot of pressure on the team to do justice with the story.

“Harriet” Review


The only thing lacking in the movie was it didn’t go much deeper. We all know that nobody wants to see hours of long movies, but they should have added more details. But with that, it also marks the comeback of the famous director Kasi Lemmons. Kasi first was in the spotlight after his brilliant direction in the movie “Eve’s Bayou” in 1997. The lead star Cynthia Erivo is also a very talented actress and did just to her role. This is also her first time with a major role in a movie. Erivo is a Tony-Winning actress; she is brilliant at her work and can make anything captivating. Her strong and powerful role and acting on the screen made the movie a must-watch. With her talents as an actress, she is a vocalist.


With the credits roll after the movies, she sang a song. The song was “Stand Up” the song is also co-written by Erivo. All the other characters in the movie were not as impactful as her. Even though she didn’t get a chance to sing in the movie, she still gave a strong performance. She was seen you sing little pieces along the way. The movie was more of a screenplay issue that the direction and story for most of the viewers. But whatever you say, it is a must-watch movie with an amazing and heart touching story and brilliant acting skills on display.

“Harriet” Review