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Gucci Mane Gets All Bitter About His ‘The Breakfast Club’ Ban, Slams DJ Envy and Angela Yee

The 39-year-old American rap artist, Gucci Mane, opened up about the rumors of his ban from ‘The Breakfast Club.’

A video was uploaded on YouTube on the 21st of November, titled Growth with Gucci: A Conversation with Gucci Mane and Charlamagne Tha God. 

In the video, where he was being interviewed by CTG, he was asked about his ban from the popular radio show. He told Charlamagne that if he was ever to be confronted by DJ Envy, he would slap him.

History Behind the Rumours

The rumors go back to the year 2016 when Gucci Mane appeared as a guest in the Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. The show was being hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne.

During the show, Gucci allegedly accused Yee of wanting to have a sexual relationship with him. He claimed the lady wants to come to his hotel room. Yee denied all the accusations saying that she never wanted to get into any relationship with Gucci and that she does not have his contact number.

She later set off the rumors that after the incident, he will not be allowed on the show.

What do Yee and Envy have to say about it? 

“Somebody hit me up and said Gucci Mane would like to get on the phone with you and have a conversation, and he wanted to I guess apologize for what he did, and I said, ‘I don’t do that behind the scenes … you said something publicly that wasn’t true, you should publicly apologize’,” said Yee on The Breakfast Club Court. 

She also said that the Rapper was never banned from the show and that he would always be welcomed. But she had no trust in him.

Envy responded Gucci via Instagram, saying that Gucci was mad at Yee because she defended herself on-air he(Envy) let her do it.

“I have never run from a Conversation in my life… My kids are good, my wife is great, and My dog is excellent… Anyway, I heard some lies wanted to address it… Back to enjoying Paris… 🇫🇷,” Envy said.