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“Grounded” From The Outer Worlds Comes As An Exclusive Game On Xbox One

“Grounded” From The Outer Worlds Comes As An Exclusive Game On Xbox One

Obsidian’s latest game provides a very different experience from that of the Outer Worlds. Microsoft announces a new game that will be coming as exclusive on Xbox. It is known as “GROUNDED”. It is a survival game and it involves characters who are shrunken to insect size.

In the London event of XO19, it is revealed that this game will be out by the spring of 2020. This will be an Xbox exclusive, unlike Obsidian that was originally handled by The Outer World before Microsoft brought it. This will be the first game that will be available on Game Pass of Xbox.

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The Game Insights

“Grounded” From The Outer Worlds Comes As An Exclusive Game On Xbox One-2

This game involves the building of a fort by foraging materials. This fort act as a safe house for surviving against insects and other dangerous creatures. The game involves producing hand made weapons in order to hack supplies for survival and fort building. The building part is quite like Fortnite but the mechanics of the game seemed a bit off. The simplicity of the combat and movement of the first person felt bland. There is still room for improvement in this sector.

The game, however, is focusing on being more accessible to the general public. It also involves numerous challenges and has levels of extreme difficulty. The narrative part of the game focuses on pushing the player to its next objective. This will allow the player to know exactly what they need to do next. The plot of the game is not exactly clear however the creators say that this game gave 150 small teams a chance to cooperate. All these teams got a chance to try their hands on their creative and unique innovations.

Since the game is brought by Microsoft the developers have enough financial luxury to experiment and try out new things. As per Atadetro, they strive to bring in these kinds of projects in the future as well and this somehow seems to be very encouraging.