Google plans to make smart city in Canada


The tech company Google is planning to build a smart city in Canada. The company is now allowed to do so in a remote place in Toronto at the city in Canada. But the company was hoping for a bigger place. The futuristic idea that the company had will now be smaller. With less space and a lot of things not going to happen, the city will still be built.

Google plans to make smart city in Canada

Google is a very company and has networks all over the world. The CEO of the company is also looking forward to building a smart city. Besides that, it can be a good attraction for people and tourists and the revenue can help the company. It is a brilliant idea by Google and, once done, will be one of the best-planned cities.

The Idea

The project is mainly a brainchild of Google affiliate Urban Innovation company sidewalk labs. The main plan was to build a beautiful city with new technologies and gadgets. The company was planning to do in a land of 190-acres. But the company did not receive that much is, it only got 12 acres of land. The land was provided by the Waterfront Toronto and might not be enough for their original plans.

Google plans to make smart city in Canada

You can easily imagine how many things are not going to be there. There is a huge difference in the original plan area and the present area. With so little land, they might be able to fit in very little equipment and fewer ideas. The waterfront Toronto sees the development in Toronto and could not give more area to Google.

The project is also very controversial as the Sidewalk labs have some strange ideas. The company was hoping to get permission to collect data on the areas that it was going to work on. This was a very naïve idea as data privacy is a very important thing. They wanted to install a sensor that would collect data from different places.

Google plans to make smart city in Canada

This request was rejected by the executives. Some of the other features in the plan were heated roads. The other idea of the company was to build an underground delivery system in the city. After the final calculations and permission, the construction will start from March 2020.


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