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Good Witch: Top 5 Best Episodes Click Here To Know

Good Witch
Good Witch

Good Witch: Top 5 Best Episodes

Good Witch: For six seasons, lovers of Good Witch have cherished being transported into the sleepy metropolis of Middleton. From the halls of Grey House to the cabinets of the Bell, Book & Candle, it is difficult now no longer to be enchanted with the aid of using this whimsical Hallmark display and the testimonies it produces.

With season 6 wrapped up and season 7 at the horizon, it is time to take a glance returned at the highest-rated episodes over the last six seasons by IMDb. Let Cassie, Sam, Grace, Nick, and co. positioned a spell on you as your relive the Hallmark magic.

1 The Bird – 9.5

In the highest-rated episode of Good Witch, Joy and Donna sooner or later finished Martha’s mansion, which stimulated a housewarming gala for the metropolis. But now that Martha’s domestic become finished, did this suggest Joy might be leaving the metropolis?

The gala additionally compelled Abigail and Donovan to confess the reality that they had been letting the curse dictate their dating rather than taking preserve of it themselves. Donovan took the gala as his possibility to suggest to Abigail and he or she accepted.

Good Witch
Good Witch

2 Homecoming – 9.0

When Sam’s ex-spouse Linda is on the town to create a balanced domestic lifestyle for Nick, matters pass awry. Sam reveals out Linda simply went via a breakup, that’s what brought about her surprising go to and preference to be in Nick’s lifestyles.

But while Linda convinces Nick to go away faculty and visit Hong Kong with her, it is Sam’s process as Nick’s dad to make Linda recognize she’s coming in among the family. Meanwhile, Cassie is pissed off while Abigail starts evolved to stir Grace off her proper path. Fans could not wait to look at how matters performed out for each family.

3 The Tableau – 8.8

Cassie is pleased to rejoice Grey House’s 225th birthday. To make it a mystical event, Martha evokes all and sundry to throw a tableau vivant (or “residing picture”) for one of Nathaniel Merriwick’s paintings. Martha usually prospers while she has a quick time-body to get matters executed and he or she hit the nail on the top with Grey House’s birthday. However, now no longer all become properly.

Abigail and Donovan had been having their problems as they attempted to remedy the Merriwick-Davenport curse; a completely not unusual place subject matter of their dating. Would those ever discover an easy path? Also going on on this episode become some other Grey House visitor intertwined with the community, something that was lacking in the latest episodes.

Good Witch
Good Witch

4 The Dinner – 8.7

Now that Sam and Cassie are residing a lifestyle without youngsters below their roof, the duo units up a dinner with several Middleton’s pinnacle couples. And even though Cassie and Sam are in sync, the alternative couples are all in turmoil. Adam isn’t always managing Stephanie’s ex-husband being on the town so properly and Abigail is once more thinking of her dating Donovan.

With query marks connected to those couples, Martha alternatively is having a hoot as Middleton’s most recent recommendation columnist. At the couples’ dinner, all and sundry is thrown via a loop while Adam suffers a fitness episode, however, Sam is fortuitously proper there to help.

5 The Graduation – 8.7

“The Graduation” becomes a large episode for Cassie and Sam due to the fact Grace and Nick had been sooner or later graduating excessive faculty, which means the mother and father will quickly be empty-nesters. With Grace attending Wellesley College and Nick going throughout the country, this unit Good Witch up for brand new storylines.

Also taking place in Grey House, Abigail is caught among a rock and a difficult region while Donovan tells her how he feels for her. But is it due to the fact he sincerely loves her or become it due to the curse? Abigail is torn however with Grace’s commencement celebration, her mind is disrupted.