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Game of Thrones lover has gift from Single-Malt Whiskey: The Six Kingdom!!!

If you love whiskey and your love for Game of Thrones is also present, the upcoming week is going to be your dream come exact type, because Single-Malt whiskey is collaborating with Game of Thrones. We can be a witness of a bang as the adult-rated conspirational TV Series Game of Thrones will provide their fan with different types of whiskey. They are going to follow the footsteps of Johny Walker Brand as they launched a White Walker named whiskey at the very beginning of this year.

The Collaboration: The Six Kingdom

It is not the first time they are going to watch the collaboration of famous HBO’s TV series, because they already have tied a knot with many merchandise companies and they already have launched their themed castles too. Now they are back with the new idea of collaborating with liquors brand. It will be a great week ahead for whiskey lovers. The Six Kingdom is going to be the name of new whiskey, and it will be a gift for Game of Thrones lovers. They will add this product to their shopping list. This malt will be for people above age fifteen.

About the Whiskey

A metallic gold canister will contain this whiskey, and fans can buy it from official websites. It will cost one hundred fifty dollars for seven hundred fifty milliliters. Fans can preorder it from Reserve Bar’s official website. This whiskey is going to be a tribute to those kingdoms showed in the eight seasons of the TV Series. A three-eyed raven designed over the container of the whiskey, which will give fans a bright look at the Royal Kingdom. The company is going to distill the liquor exactly 2.81 times to accurately show the character of three-eyed ravens.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the whiskey, and they will soon get the best gift of December.