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Frozen 2: Sets New Records For The Animated Film World With Its Advance Ticket Booking

Frozen 2 the animated movie to hit the screens on November 22 Image Source: Google

This animated series is all set t bring in its second installment. Frozen 2 seems to have broken all the records of advance booking. As per Atom Tickets and Fandango, Frozen 2 has eclipsed the records of all other animation films. Its opening booking seems to bag almost $100 million. This is the track record for the weekend of 22-24 November. Prognosticators of other box office believe that this number can go as high as up to $125 million.

The Film Breaks All Records

The film directed by Jenifer Lee and Chris Buck seems to be a gargantuan hit in the Box Office this November. As per Fandango, Frozen 2 is its highest selling animated movies. The mobile tickets of this movie are selling super fast in their history of 19 years. This movie has even surpassed the limits of the sales of Toy Story 4.

Erik Davis, the managing editor of Fandango, says, “Fans of Frozen 2 cannot wait to listen to the memorable songs and enjoy the latest adventures of Anna, Olaf and Elsa”. The editor further says, “In this Thanksgiving season, it is a great opportunity to gather at a multiplex for a Disney movie. As per the sensational ticket selling records, we can all assume that families and friends have set their plans for movie weekends”.

The adventures of Frozen 2 is all set to hit the big screens Image Source: Google

As per Atom, Frozen 2 has broken the records of Alladin, Beauty And The Beast, and even Incredibles 2. It is quite trending in Atom and is also its second-largest pre-sale animated movie. The first largest pre-selling movie was Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. As per a recent survey, Frozen 2 ranks in the top 5 most anticipated movies of Atom. This result was based on the votes of 1K Millenial moviegoers. These fans even voted Anna a.k. A Kristen Bell among their top 3 leading actresses. The fans are quite excited to see Frozen 2 this fall.