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Free Grocery Delivery For Prime Members By Amazon

The food business is expanding quite rapidly. And due to this heating expansion, Amazon makes a decision to eliminate its delivery fee in the United States. Amazon, before today, used to charge a fee of $14.99 from its Prime members for groceries. But now it is eliminating that fee and is making free delivery for its prime members. Previously Amazon makes deliveries within two hours. The delivery of whole foods was also free for its Prime users.

The Procedure

The users of Amazon who have never placed any orders before need to request for an invitation. Amazon, however, did not mention any specific date about when they are going to grant new customers. They are giving out free deliveries in several phases. After the massive stock loss, Amazon is trying everything to rise up again.

In New York City, the minimum amount for free delivery is $50. In other major regions, it is about $35. Amazon is continuing its free grocery deliveries across 2000 major regions. The free service, however, can only be obtained by the prime members.

The Necessary Changes

Amazon also makes slight changes in its policies. On an announcement on Tuesday amazon mentions how one can avail of the free delivery service. The free delivery system will be available on the Amazon app, its official website, and also on Prime Now. But new users will, however, have to wait. If they want to avail of groceries from the app or website, they first need to have an invitation code. These customers can, however, pay a minimum fee and place their orders.

As per a press release, Amazon mentions that grocery delivery is the fastest “growing industry.” the price reduction of Amazon is going to challenge Walmart. This is Amazon’s biggest rival. Walmart charges $98 annually for delivering groceries. Amazon is also introducing a new feature that allows its employees to help their customers. They put groceries in the refrigerators of the customers while they are away. They have also made several deliveries as well.