Football Manager 2020 Review: The five star kids with the highest potential

Football Manager 2020 review: The five star kids with the highest potential
Football Manager 2020 review: The five star kids with the highest potential

Football Manager 2020 feels grown-up and it made sizeable gains last year, but hundreds of hours later, Football Manager 2019 did feel like it lacked polish. Sports Interactive and Sega attempt to improve last year’s celebrated game “Football Manager.” This game was already declared as the best installment last year in the series of the long run. Serious changes have been made in the game, especially the areas that were neglected before are now touched upon. This game is not only extremely welcoming for the new players, but it is also refreshing for the legends.

The Added On Features

The feature that stands out the most among the players will be the Development Centre. This will provide you with all the information you want to know about your players. This is a pretty smart move, and it gives you a vague idea of your young players. The names of the players, along with their skills and attributes, are not yet revealed. The date of the youth intake is also flexible with the new changes. Previously where it was once a year, it now shifts and moves quite a few times. It makes the appearance of the club more lifelike and also gives the real experience of being a manager.

The Development Centre also gives you an overview of your first team lineups, along with the training and personality development required. It gives a more detailed view of your players and what exactly they need to do to earn their place in the first team. This is a keen and simple progressive element added in order to track the progress of your players in the academy.

There are also contract negotiations that make this game experience more real. It is a big step as it involves everything from scouting to signing a player and retaining or selling it. This will keep you feeling like a real manager as it is also a very important step apart from providing results on the filed. There is also another interesting feature known as club issues, which allows you to set an aim for your club five years from now.

No Changes In Old Issues

The Press Conference, as already mentioned before, needs attention. However, apart from a few questions and answers, there is no new addition to it. The commentary also feels bland and the same. There is no new statement inclusions neither any striking commentaries. We feel that this area really needs a lot of work. The match engine on the 3D version also looks substandard and needs a lot of work as well.

Overall this game has grown up a lot and considerably improved. From dynamic player inclusions to quality development are some really remarkable features. It was an excellent game before and now with little changes here and there it has become even better.