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Five long hours of prosthetics for Ariana Grande for Twilight zone Halloween costume

Five long hours of prosthetics for Ariana Grande for Twilight zone Halloween costume

Ariana Grande is a 26-year-old singer. But still, she is very famous and is loved by the youth. Her songs are chartbusters, and she is gaining appreciation from all over the world. In this year’s Halloween, she just stepped up the Halloween costumes game. With all the fairy costumes and sweet butterflies and many other costumes, she chose none. But instead, she went all crazy and freaky, choosing a nightmare like an outfit. Ariana was teasing her fans with clips of her in the costume. The costume has a theme from the popular TV show Twilight Zone. Ariana reveals her Halloween costume, and it will definitely give you the chills.

The actual look

To get this look ready and done, she spent five hours of prosthetics. The NASA singer really wants the look to be absolutely spot on. She was planning to play the character of an episode of The Twilight Zone. It is in the 42nd episode of the show “Eye of the Beholder.” But, In the year 1960, the episode was running on TV. In this, there is a woman, and her name is Janet Tyler. In this, she goes through different surgeries to look normal like everyone else. But after removing the bandages off her face, the doctor says the operation is a failure. But, Janet was looking really beautiful and just like a normal human being.

Ariana Grande for Twilight zone Halloween costume

After this, we see that all the other characters have strange noises, and their lips are not normal. All the nurses and the doctors everyone looks like that in the show. But Janet was having difficulties with the idea of dating a normal man. Ariana went t all the way to get the perfect look, and we agree that she got it. With checks that were ribbed and a mouth that is twisted and nose that is flat with big nostrils. In the post, she is wearing velvet gloves, a fur stole, and larger hanging earrings with a cigarette in between her fingers. She is completely unrecognizable in the picture. But because her hair is in classic Ariana Ponytail, we knew it was her.